“A Goal without a Plan is a Wish.”

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“A goal without a plan is a wish.  What’s your plan?  It’s on you, because you have to do all the work.”

That is a quote from former NFL star and New York Jets Head Coach and current ESPN NFL commentator, Herman Edwards. That pretty much sums up whether or not an individual is successful in no matter what they do–whether it be in your personal life or business life.

I’d like to rewind back a few years ago to an event which highlighted this concept for me, whereplanning was necessary and the result was a grand slam. I am a huge fan of movies and am a big collector of autographs. When I was 12 years old, my dad gave me a Detroit Lions jacket, which is an exact replica of the one that Eddie Murphy wore in Beverly Hills Cop 2 (one of my favorite movies of all time). To this day, I remember telling my classmates at the time that someday I would get this jacket signed by Murphy himself.

Now, fast forward to about two and half years ago. I read that a new movie that Murphy was starring in and producing, Tower Heist, was coming out and that the premiere was in New York City. I knew this was my opportunity to get that signature I had always coveted, but I knew that I had to start planning on how to go about making that autograph happen. Once I learned of the premiere, I booked my flight and hotel and began making plans for the long weekend trip to NYC.

The big night of the premiere arrived and, with everything I needed in hand, I made my way down to the event. I got there plenty early to make sure I was in the best spot possible for celebrity arrivals, which were to begin at 6pm. After a few hours of patiently waiting, the celebrities began to arrive and as 7pm slowly came around, a beautiful black limousine pulled up. Murphy appeared out of the limo and looked over at the crowd. Some of the celebrities who arrived earlier had waived to the crowd and went on their way inside to do interviews, and I was fearing Murphy would do the same. But luckily, he decided to walk over to the crowd.

As he approached, he took out a blue sharpie marker and started signing away. He made his way down the line towards me. I was able to get his attention, and triumphantly, Eddie Murphy signed my jacket. It felt like slow motion as he signed his big, beautiful signature. A lot of people who I have shared this story with to have said that I was just lucky, but I wasn’t lucky…I did a great job of planning and gave myself the best possible chance of getting that autograph.planning - software - implementation - automation

Plan on achieving great things

Although this is an example of attaining an autograph, the art of planning is very similar to when a business comes to us looking to implement a software automation project. The most successful projects occur when the business knows what they want and has a plan to achieve it. They have an ultimate goal set, and we then work to assist them in achieving that goal and a successful outcome. Effective planning means that the client:

  • Will have a timeline in mind
  • Know the resources it will take to implement
  • Know how much money they have available for this type of project

When in doubt, ask for help. Our job as software professionals is to help you make the appropriate plan to accomplish your goals and to adjust to the change that occurs when a new software is implemented. So go ahead and start planning… You will not be sorry that you hit a grand slam at the end of your project—much like I feel when I now look at my Eddie Murphy autographed jacket.

Jon Seaman

As Account Executive for Esker/TermSync, Jon has responsibilities for developing business and assisting companies looking at core product lines including Fax/Postal Mail, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable and Sales Order Processing. A couple unique things about Jon is he is a big U. of Nebraska football fan and once worked down in Disney World.

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