9 Things Accounts Payable Never Wants to Hear

Because accounts payable is typically regarded as a non-revenue generating department, it is often overlooked and undervalued within an organization. Your accounts payable team works hard every day to make sure that invoices are paid correctly and on time. Sounds easy enough, right? …Not so much.

Unfortunately, working in an accounts payable department, especially one that is still manually processing invoices, can be a dirty job. Entry errors, approval bottlenecks and inaccurate/lengthy closings are only some of the pains felt deep within an AP department.

Want more? Check out our list of nine things an AP staffer never wants to hear anyone say…

9 Things Accounts Payable Never Wants to Hear

1.) “…But I already paid that same invoice last week.”



2.) “Hmm… That seems costly. Can you go dig in the archives to see what we paid them for this last year?”



3.) “Shirley said she put the invoice on MY desk to approve? Nope, never got it.”



4.) “You keyed in the wrong GL code again. If marketing sees that we tried to expense a sales lunch meeting to their budget, they are going to freak out. I repeat, FREAK OUT.”



5.) “How many early payment discounts have we gotten this quarter?”



6.) “Who’s desk is that invoice on right now?”



7.) You owe us a late payment penalty now.”



8.) “What percentage of paper invoices are input into the system on the day they arrive?”



9.) “FYI, we added three more managers to the invoice approval process.”



Automate Invoices & Avoid the Pain

Manually processing vendor invoices is a rough job if your organization hasn’t automated AP processing yet. Luckily, accounts payable automation solutions have been around for a long time, and have really since improved their platforms to meet the unique needs of each company’s AP department.

Some of the benefits companies like Albemarle and Ball Horticultural Company have seen from automating accounts payable are:

  • Faster processing by up to 65% by eliminating the need to sort and handle paper invoices.
  • Reduce costs by up to 60% by getting rid of paper, transportation and physical archives.
  • Increase visibility throughout the approval workflow process with a full audit trail.
  • Improve supplier satisfaction by paying invoices on time and correctly.

Want to give your AP team the gift of recognition this week? Start by looking into accounts payable automation!

Check out our Accounts Payable Automation White Paper: Overcoming the Challenges of Vendor Invoice Processing

taulia - accounts - payableCan’t get enough gifs? Neither can we! Check out Taulia’s blog showing The Life of an Accounts Payable Professional in 14 GIFs.



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