3 Key Processes within Document Automation

Document Automation is important to so many business people out there.  So much time is wasted each day pushing paper around an office that we start to lose focus on what truly is important, our customers and employees.

I have been working in the document automation space for over 20 years now (yes, I’m that old), and have been hearing about the paperless office the entire time.  Yet it’s still not here and will not come anytime soon.  In reality, the goal should not be the “paperless” office, but to find any way possible to make paper more efficient within our office.  Eliminating it is great, but removing the manual steps required when handling it is important as well.

Each month in this blog I will focus on a document automation topic that is relevant to three paper-intensive processes that most companies struggle with:

All 3 require the manual process around paper, or the need to extract data from the image of paper.  Either way, these processes are hampered with significant inefficiencies that affect both our employees’ time and morale, and our customer experience.  Eliminating these inefficiencies can provide considerable time and cost improvements, and free us up to focus more on our customers.

My goal is to share from people I meet with around the country, and discuss how they’re working to improve the automation of within their organizations.  I’ll also pass on relevant information that I may find from other blogs or publications, which can benefit all.  While the paperless office may never come, we certainly can do more to make it less painful to deal with.

Steve Smith

Steve manages the entire North American, South American, and Latin American operations for Esker, and is a member of our Board of Directors.

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