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It’s that time of year again where we share the top blog articles published on The Esker Blog in 2015! From news articles to analyst report highlights to helpful tips and tricks, we enjoy sharing our industry knowledge around document process automation with you.

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Top 10 Articles on The Esker Blog in 2015

10.  How to Differentiate Accounts Payable Automation Solutions at SAP Financials 2015

accounts-payable-automation-solution-providersEven if you didn’t attend SAP Financials 2015, this article can be helpful in navigating all the different accounts payable automation solutions out there. Dive into the 15 key questions to ask accounts payable automation solution providers!


9.  5 Tips for Choosing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Accounts Payable

choosing-accounts-payable-kpisBenchmarking KPIs is something every shared services center should be doing. But how many are actually benchmarking effectively? Check out this blog article to learn five tips for choosing and benchmarking KPIs in accounts payable.


8.  Accounts Payable Automation Buyer’s Kit: Building Your Business Case for Automating AP

accounts-payable-automation-buyers-kitChoosing the right accounts payable automation solution is no easy task. With so many different vendors touting different solutions, it can be an overwhelming process determining which automation solution is right for your organization. Check out this buyer’s kit which contains seven different content pieces to aid you in the decision-making process!

7.  5 Things I Learned About Esker in My First Week

esker-job-opportunitiesEver wonder what it’s like to work for Esker? For a technology company, we’re a pretty fun group! Check out this blog article from one of our newest employees about five things she learned about working at Esker in her first week on the job.


6.  Sales Order Management Featuring Gartner Insight

sales-order-managementThe Gartner CRM Vendor Guide for 2015 (released on March 11, 2015) acknowledges the importance of appropriate Sales Order Management applications. Esker was proud to make the list of vendors mentioned by Gartner for the Sales Order Management Applications! Hear about some of the success customers have experienced using our sales order automation solution.

5.  9 Inspiring Quotes About World-Class Customer Service

customer-service-quotesNational Customer Service Week was started by the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) in order to set aside time to recognize customer service professionals who work hard to create a positive experience for our customers. Here at Esker, we wanted to thank customer service professionals by sharing a few inspiring quotes.

4.  Esker’s Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes with COO Steve Smith

esker-automation-thank-you-notesFor the Jimmy Fallon Thank You Note fans out there Esker has created our own series of Thank You notes. To make this even more authentic, we have included our US COO Steve Smith doing his Jimmy Fallon Thank You Note signature “wind up” as he completes the notes.


3Business Mail Services: More Efficient Than Santa’s Workshop

business-mail-servicesFaced with the challenges traditional mail options present, many businesses are choosing to outsource mailing operations via a hosted automation service. Business mail services allow them to take advantage of electronic processing, while the customer still gets the paper document they desire. Check out seven benefits of business mail services!

2.  AP Automation: How to Build a Successful Business Case

ap-automation-business-caseYou know all of the reasons you need an AP automation solution. The problem is you need to convince everyone else why you need it. The key to getting your AP automation project to the top of list is getting buy-in from upper management and other key stakeholders. Learn how to propel your AP automation project to the top of the list!

1. 4 Best-in-Class Accounts Payable Departments: Achieving Inspiring Results with AP Automation

ap-automation-success-storiesSticking to the status quo is no way to be a rock star. That is exactly why we want to give honorable mention to these four best-in-class accounts payable departments for quitting their paper habit and achieving awesome results from accounts payable automation.


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