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Esker Expands Presence in Latin America Through Partnership with Signature South Consulting

Alliance provides customized solutions that are compliant with Latin America’s evolving regulatory requirements

Madison, WI — November 30, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, announced today its partnership with Santiago, Chile-based Signature South Consulting, a leading provider of solutions related to electronic document exchanges with digital signatures. The alliance is designed to benefit the Latin American customers of both companies by providing a more comprehensive set of offerings while meeting the complex and evolving electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) mandates that vary by country. Read more

How to Get Buy In for Your AP Automation Project

AP Automation

The increased adoption of electronic invoicing along with solutions for front-end imaging, approval and exceptions workflow has prompted some analyst firms to predict that we are approaching the era of collaborative commerce. As a result, an increased number of suppliers will submit invoices electronically and more businesses will adopt cloud-based and mobile-enabled invoice processing solutions. How do you join the era of collaborative commerce and reap the competitive advantages of automated accounts payable (AP) invoice processing before becoming a laggard in your industry? Read more

Esker Announces New Order Processing Integration Capabilities with Oracle® E-Business Suite ERP Solution

Madison, WI — November 29, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it is now offering a sales order processing solution integration with Oracle E-Business Suite. Esker customers can now receive orders directly in the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP application, enabling greater process efficiency and productivity across every phase of order processing operations. Read more

Esker’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

We are celebrating Thanksgiving by sharing some of our employees favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Full Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner with Turkey Stuffing Veggies and Potatos

Thanksgiving Recipes From Esker Employees

Read more

Avoiding Unexpected Results: How to Vet an Automation Solution Provider


Automation Solution Provider

It’s been a year of upsets, from the World Series (Go Cubs!) to the presidential election. With variables like skill level and weather, to social media and poll attendance playing their part in the outcomes, choosing (or predicting) the winner requires risk and a little luck. Read more

Leading Communications Service Provider Automates Over 10,000 Monthly Invoices with Esker’s Cloud-Based AP Solution

Tools such as mobile invoice approval, customizable dashboards and a self-service portal are streamlining the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process

Madison, WI — November 15, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it has completed a project with the leading communications service provider in Malaysia to automate its accounts payable (AP) process. Esker’s cloud-based accounts payable solution integrates with the company’s SAP® system, helping to significantly reduce the amount of manual handling and invoice processing time. Read more

Breaking Bad … Habits

document process automation platformsWe are in an age where you don’t have to turn to a life of crime in order to stop the madness of paper pushers in your organization!

Now, I do not watch this popular series, where the protagonist actually becomes the antagonist, but I have seen the benefits an organization achieves when turning away from paper pushers. You know the type, they use enough printed paper to start their own book. Read more

Employee Under-Utilization When Not Using Automation: Eliminating Manual Tasks

You may value your employees every day, though how much added work are they doing that under-utilizes their potential? When time management is everything in making their roles successful to reach your goals, you may not realize how much unnecessary work they’re doing.

With international reports showing 85% of workers think they have underutilized skills, you can see how widespread this problem is. Some of this hinges on sticking with paper-based systems and maintaining manual data entry. Entering data manually is simply too slow and prone to error. Read more

Kicking & Screaming: What to Do When Your Staff is Crying Out for Help

Manual CS Environment

Temper tantrums aren’t pretty, but they happen for a reason — it’s how children express their frustrations, a cry for help. Even during adulthood though, there are times when we need the aid of others, but what happens when it’s your employees crying for help with your manual business process?

At EAUC 2016, Adrian Posteraro presented his breakout session: Overcoming the Negative Business Impact of a Manual CS Environment, based on his personal experience with automation at MEDRAD, Inc. Dissatisfied, burned-out employees begged for a solution that could streamline, and reduce stress tied to, their manual document process. Read more

Timely Little Disconnects that Interrupt What Could Be a Seamless Process

EDI Workflow Error

EDI Bomb-Out! EDI Exception! EDI Workflow Error!

No matter what your company calls them — bomb-outs, exceptions, workflow errors — if there’s one segment or portion off in an EDI order, it will fail. Failure is not pretty and typically not fixable without IT intervention. Until you’re able to get your customer to update their data (good luck with that!) you’re stuck fixing the same exact problems over and over with each EDI order. Read more